Saturday, June 24, 2006

Add Atlas & Atlas Toolkit Controls to VS2005 toolbox

From Federal Developer Blog adding atlas & atlas toolkit controls to vs2005 posted here

VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects

InstallState file unreachable in Vista

I started writing a long explanation about InstallState files and 2005 extensions installations on vista, but while "post back" the form after confirming the annoying popup blocker message (also in IE7) all data was lost.
man they got to do something with that.
To make a long story short I tried to install several 2005 extensions and all ended with an error of unreachable file (each in it's own directory and name) but all had the same InstallState Extension. As I searched for atlas installation solution I found that I must run the msi as administrator but when "right clicking" the *.msi installer I didn't find the 'run as administrator" context menu item.
a simple solution was to create a batch file that called the msi installer. And run the batch file as administrator (using right click > run as administrator)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WINFX -> .NET 3.0

lots of excitement lately with the release of public beta for Vista Office 2007 .NET 3.0 and massager ;)

lots of excitement

Long time

Since my last post,
eventually I found the time and came back.
we had problems on an ITV system with time saving but this is the bi$%ch.
found it out while looking for a solution on daylight saving issue in Israel.

"Due to various political problems with the Israeli parliament, each year daylight savings in Israel started on a different date"